Black History Month 2019
The History of Black Locals in DFW

Remembering Black AFM Locals

Local 72-147 has a proud history of representing musicians since the chartering of Local 72 in Fort Worth in 1898 and Local 147 in Dallas in 1901. But before 1965, black musicians fighting the discrimination of segregation formed AFM locals on their own. This is the story of these musicians during their years of organizing with AFM Local 392 in Fort Worth and Local 168 in Dallas. Read More about “Remembering Black AFM Locals”

Roger Boykin

Roger Boykin is a multi-talented musician, having worked in many areas of music including blues, jazz, gospel, and funk. He plays various instruments such as, guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, flute, and saxophone. A Life Member of Local 72-147, he began his Union membership in 1955 joining the Pre-Civil Rights Era Black Local 168 in Dallas, having now been an AFM member for more than 60 years.

As a teacher he has taught numerous singers and instrumentalists working around the world today. For 16 years he was a part of the music faculty at Booker T. Washington Performing and Visual Arts High School in Dallas, Texas, a school famous for training and inspiring performers in jazz, gospel, and popular genres. Boykin has published music method books for piano, guitar, bass guitar, and saxophone. He has produced various recordings for his Soultex Records label, which he founded in 1967. Several of these recordings are soul and jazz collector’s items. Read More about “Roger Boykin”

The Jazz Legacy of Fort Worth

Marjorie Crenshaw

“She’s known and taught the greats from as long ago as the 1940s. She’s stood in Herculean strength for the respect of musicians before most of our local was even born.” -Breggett Rideau

Long time Union activist and Executive Board member Marjorie Crenshaw, known respectfully by all of her many friends and associates as Mrs. Crenshaw, turns 90 years of age on May 31. To say that Mrs. Crenshaw has been around the block a few times would be an understatement of the highest order. Mrs. Crenshaw has been an active member of the Fort Worth community all of her life and an active member of the Musicians Union for many years, having first joined Fort Worth Local 72, well before its merger with Dallas Local 147. She was already on the Local 72 Executive Board and remained so since the merger to this day. Read More about “Marjorie Crenshaw”

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"Fort Worth's Jazz Legacy"

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The Importance of Jazz