Musicians Federal Credit Union (MFCU)

Office Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
12:00 noon to 5:00pm

Musicians Federal Credit Union is a non-profit savings institution, organized in 1966 for the members of Local 72-147 American Federation of Musicians.  Our purpose has remained constant for over forty years.

  • We encourage savings and thrift for our members.
  • We create a source of credit at a fair and reasonable rate of interest.
  • We provide an opportunity for our members to use and control their own financial organization in order to improve their own economic conditions.

As a result, Musicians Federal Credit Union has money to lend!

Like banks, the credit union accepts your savings deposits and invests them to earn income, primarily by lending money to its members.  But the unique difference between a credit union and other financial institutions is that the income earned through our investments and loans is returned to the members in form of low cost loans and competitive rates on savings.

One of the Credit Union’s primary goals is to provide a reliable source of credit for its members needs.  Loans are available for cars, instruments, and more.  All loans are made in accordance with policies established by our Board of Directors, and are granted based upon credit history, need, and ability to repay.  Your credit union looks for reasons to approve loans, not to disapprove them.

Join today and establish your financial security through sound financial services.  Call credit union manager Rose Mathews at 817-469-6040 or email Rose at and see how you can benefit right away.

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Musicians Federal Credit Union

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FAX: 210-519-3128