Candy Williams

Candy Williams is a phoenix rising, reborn in the music through the fires of her own life’s lessons.

She wrote her first song at age three, sang her first public solo at age eight, and has been performing ever since. In her hometown of Oklahoma City she sang in her teen years with established jazz groups, master gospel and concert choirs, and serenaded gubernatorial inaugurates. As a voice major at the University of Oklahoma, Candy’s performance in “Hello, Dolly!” earned her first review as The Daily Oklahoman wrote, “Keep your eye on Candy Williams.” The rebel in her made her choose funk music over the classical stage, and with the bands Jokers Y-ilde and Prelude, Candy proved to be a powerhouse entertainer.

Oklahoma City got too small for the Prelude band, and so together they headed south to Dallas, TX. Prelude quickly gained notoriety on the club scene as a force to be respected. And Candy not only survived, she thrived, adding radio, movie, TV and songwriting credits to her name. These performances have been written about as “amazing”, “strong”, “true”. She stretched even further as lead singer with The Panhandlers, adding Latin and Caribbean sounds to her skills. In fact, Candy has been named a Dallas Diva.

Candy’s first solo CD offering, Phoenix, is a smooth mix of jazz and urban sound, with the songs being penned by Candy herself. This work showcases a gutsy life of triumph over tragedy, love over loss, and the passion and resilience of the human spirit. She sings and writes from the core of life itself, sometimes peaceful, sometimes funky, always real.

As fire is a catalyst for change, so it is an instrument of strength. Candy’s experiences and enthusiasm create a music that celebrates the human condition through the fires of change, and she is a talented performer with the firepower to grow from the changes.

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