A COVID-19 Relief Fund for our Dallas/Fort Worth Union Musicians

In recent weeks, COVID-19 has devastated our music community, leaving thousands of musicians without work and an uncertain future.

We can help to sustain the basic needs of our Dallas/Fort Worth union musicians through this time of emergency


Music, Music, Music! It has been the one constant, along with food, water and shelter, that sustains life.


Our most significant moments are dated by the music we have heard. The songs that played when we went to our first dance, at our wedding and the birth of our children. Whether it was Beethoven 5 or The Jackson 5, the music of those moments is embedded in our minds and helps to give life meaning.


The universal language of music crosses all boundaries of class, gender, age and ethnicity. It brings us together as a community and helps us celebrate the good times as well as guides us through the rough times. Music’s impact is so powerful that a song from another culture and in a different language, like Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, can move us to tears. 


All of these songs – the lyrics, instrumentation, arrangements and compositions – are created by musicians, singers and writers. They devote their lives to making the world a better place through their commitment to music and we breathe the creation of their sound. To do this, they need food, shelter, transportation and a living wage. 


The recent world crisis of the Coronavirus Pandemic has halted nearly every musician’s ability to earn a living.


To help them, Local 72-147 has begun a fundraising campaign. We are asking for your donations, of any denomination, to aid in sustaining the basic needs of our member musicians who have been affected the most.

Please find it in your hearts to help so that our makers of music can continue to bring great art into the future. 


For those in need of assistance, please click here.