up to 3 hours over 3 hours
Weeknights $100.00 $40.00/hr
Weekends $125.00 $40.00/hr


For all engagements performed within the jurisdiction of Local 72-147, member Leader/Contractors are required to engage only Local 72-147 members unless permission is granted by the Local. Permission will not normally be granted if Local 72-147 members are available. It is the Leader/Contractor’s responsibility to verify proper membership status.
Rehearsal, per hour (2 hour minimum) $50.00
3 Hour performance (minimum pay) $180.00
4 Hour performance (4 hour minimum on Friday and Saturday nights.) $230.00
Doubling per additional instrument 10%
Sideperson scale per half-hour for any work beyond four hours shall be 150% of the pro rata regular half-hour rate. $45.00
Rehearsal overtime, per ½ hour, after 4 hours $37.50
Cartage See Section N of this document


Sideperson Minimum Wage
3 Hours $100.00
3 ½ Hours  $112.50
Doubling, per additional instrument  10%


Performed in rest homes, retirement centers and/or institutions for sick and disabled persons.
Sidepersons - 2 hour minimum  $80.00
Sidepersons - 3 hour minimum $100.00
Leader  +100%

SHOWS (Including Star Policy and Industrial Shows)

2 Hour Performances (venues of 1800 seats or less)  $200.00
3 Hour Performances (min. pay for venues seating 1801 or more)*  $225.00
Arena performances (min. pay for venues seating 4000 or more) $250.00
Overtime, ½ Hour, after 3 hours $50.00
Rehearsal, per hour (2 hour minimum for full rehearsal, 1 hour minimum for sound check/run-through)  $50.00
Doubling  20%
Pension Contribution, % of scale on all wages  12%
Cartage See Section N of this document
*3-Hour minimum applicable for venues of 1,800 seats or more. Those venues include, but are not limited to: Meyerson Symphony Center, AT&T Performing Arts Center, American Airlines Center, The Majestic, Bass Hall, Nokia, Fort Worth Convention Center, Dallas Convention Center, Will Rogers Auditorium and Coliseum, Ed Landreth Auditorium, Waco Hall, Cowen Center (Tyler), Billy Bob’s Texas, Gilley’s.


Continuous engagements are defined as any engagement, including rehearsals, during which a musician is required to perform in excess of 90 minutes without a rest period away from the bandstand; or, any engagement or rehearsal performed without an intermission. Wage scale for continuous single or casual engagements - double the applicable single engagement scale. Continuous show engagements or show rehearsals - a 25% premium of the minimum applicable non-continuous rate for the engagement shall be paid for each hour of continuous performance, after the first hour. Each musician must be advised prior to an engagement that the engagement involves continuous music.


There will be a mandatory rest period of 10 minutes away from the bandstand in each hour for each musician. inutes away from the bandstand in each hour for each musician.


2 hours (maximum)  $105.00 (2018), $110.00 (2019), $115.00 (2020)
Overtime per half-hour  $25.00
Leader +100%


With respect to all steady engagements, a work week shall consist of not less than three (3) days of not less than 12 hours per week. Single engagement scale shall apply to all engagements of less than three (3) days and/or less than12 hours per week. The minimum call for each workday shall be 4 hours.
Leader $50.00 per hour
Sideperson  $40.00 per hour
Doubling  10%
Cartage See Section N of this document if applicable
 STEADY ENGAGEMENT SUBS - Leaders and Sidepersons engaged as substitutes to perform any portion of a steady engagement shall receive at least the applicable wage scale minimum for such engagement.  ENGAGEMENT CANCELLATION - For all steady engagements, agreements between leaders and Sidepersons may be canceled by either party by giving two weeks written notice to the other.


(Not applicable in San Angelo)
Sidepersons (3 hour minimum)  $100.00
Sidepersons (4 hours) $125.00
Rehearsal, per hour (2 hour minimum)  $35.00
Leader +100%
Pension Contribution, Percent of Scale 5%
Doubling 10%
Cartage as shown in the chart at the back of the Local 72-147 Wage Scales – Section N, Page 14


Cultural engagements are defined as non-theatrical engagements that are orchestral or symphonic in nature and are performed in concert halls, churches, auditoriums, and similar venues. Except for Music Performance Trust Fund engagements, members performing services at religious institutions must be paid in full upon conclusion of the engagement.
Principal Section
2 hrs $150.00 (2018), $155.00 (2019), $160.00 (2020) $140.00 (2018), $145.00 (2019), $150.00 (2020)
3 hrs $180.00 (2018), $185.00 (2019), $190.00 (2020) $165.00 (2018), $170.00 (2019), $175.00 (2020)
Rehearsal, per hour $55.00  $50.00
Overtime, per ¼ hr $45.00  $40.00
Pension Contribution (% of scale) 5% 5%
Doubling – 10% per double
Cartage – See Section N of this document


  1. In ensembles of ten (10) players or less, each player shall be considered a principal and receive principal play.
  2. In ensembles of eleven (11) players or more, the first musician in a section shall be considered a principal and receive principal pay. The remaining musicians shall be considered non-principals and receive non-principal pay.
  3. The following sections shall require a principal: first violin, second violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, timpani, percussion, keyboard and harp.
  4. When only one (1) musician is required in any of the sections listed above, that musician shall be considered a principal.
  5. The above guidelines shall not apply for Church Worship Service scale.


  1. With respect to cultural engagements, the fee for contractor shall be that of a principal.
  2. Playing contractors shall receive, in addition to the contractor’s fee, the minimum wages applicable to the position in the orchestra for which they are engaged.


(ANY PERFORMANCE THAT OCCURS WITHIN A WORSHIP SERVICE). A worship service shall be defined as any service within a regular religious calendar of a church that takes place during a customary church event Sunday morning or evening, Wednesday evening, church holiday, Mass or similar) that is less than one hour and 15 minutes in length, and during which there are prayers, offerings or sermons where music and /or theatre do not comprise a majority of the content of the service.)
1¼ hrs service $135.00 (2018), $140.00 (2019), $145.00 (2020)
Overtime, per ¼ hr $40.00
Rehearsal, per hour* $55.00
Local Radio, one play $50.00
Local TV, one play $50.00
Additional services within same 4 hour period $75.00
Pension Contribution (payable on all wage items) 5%
Doubling – 10% per double.
Cartage See Section N of this document
 A 2-hour minimum applies to rehearsals unless it occurs just prior to the worship service in which case a 1-hour minimum applies.

WEDDING CEREMONIES (Private party rates apply to wedding receptions)

1 hour $130.00 (2018), $135.00 (2019), $140.00 (2020)
Each additional half hour (up to 2 hours) $25.00
Overtime, per half-hour $37.50
Pension contribution  5%
Cartage See Section N of this document


Includes Broadway touring productions, locally produced musicals, and musicals produced by educational institutions (e.g. universities, public and private secondary schools)
National Tours (those not covered by a CBA) Local Productions Educational Productions
Rehearsal, per hour (two hour minimum, including sound check) $50 $50 $40
Performance (up to 3 hours) $225 $175 $125
Overtime (per ½ hour) $40 $40 $30
Pension Contribution 12% 10% 5%
Doubling 20% - first double 15% - second double 10% - each subsequent double 20% - first double 15% - second double 10% - each subsequent double 20% - first double 15% - second double 10% - each subsequent double
Cartage See Section N of this document



Fees are also applicable to rehearsals when rehearsals are held at a location different from that of the performance or if the rehearsal is held on a different day. Cartage fees are not applicable for both rehearsal and performance if services are in the same location and instruments remain in place between services.

Percussion Cartage Table

Bass drum $30.00
Bells (glockenspiel, xylophone) $30.00
Chimes $75.00
Crotales (per octave) $30.00
Drum set $40.00
Field drum or extra tom, conga, etc. $15.00
Group of 6 toys $30.00
Marimba (4.5  to 5 octave) $100.00
Marimba (4 to 4.3 octave) $75.00
Marimba (under 4 octave) $35.00
Tam-Tam $30.00
Timpani (per bowl) $30.00
Toms, congas, timbales, bongos (per pair) $30.00
Vibes $40.00

Non-Percussion Cartage Table

Acoustic Bass $25.00
Baritone Saxophone $15.00
Bass Saxophone $20.00
Cello  $15.00
Cimbasso $20.00
Contrabassoon  $20.00
Contra Clarinets $20.00
External Amplifier  $20.00 (2018), $25.00 (2019)
Harp $50.00
HARP TUNING FEE (per service)  $5.00
Keyboards/Synthesizer $25.00
Large/Hammond Organ  $75.00
Leader  $20.00
Tuba $20.00